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When I was a kid, I wanted to get into space: like a zillion other kids. When I couldn't be an astronaut, I got a job in aerospace and computers. I helped on the MIRV, Nimbus, Apollo, and Viking missions.

I built systems to simulate aircraft and spacecraft for  practice and training. I made computers capture and use data from satellites, planetary probes, aircraft, wind tunnels, engine test beds, labs, and  search vessels. 
I had more fun at work than most people, and I was very lucky. I have a great family, but I also went to college and got a doctorate at nights from pretty good schools.

Those experiences and my love of space and science fills my head with facts, ideas, and excitement. Eventually it bubbled over into stories screaming to be written. Space is vast, and we can not  be alone. My mind is filled with questions. Who is out there? What do they believe? Will our cultures clash? Are they good or bad? Do they care about us?  

Questions make us think and prompt us to share our thoughts. Thoughts are easy to express as a story, but good writing, poetry, art, or literature is a talent that few have. I lack that sklill: I am a mere story-teller, with knowledge, experience, and ideas to share. I hope you enjoy my stories, and adopt some ideas and insights for your own musings.

I think you would prefer to learn more about books, but if you want to check me out, please see my Bio and Other Cool Stuff links.

In this picture, I'm the guy in the green shirt reading aloud,  perched on a table, looking 'author-ish'. 

Honestly, I am more likely to be in my office working in ratty jeans and boat shoes, than looking glamorous.

In fact, you are more likely to spot me sailing on the Chesapeake Bay in a catamaran called 'Tigger' with my family or friends.

Hail us to raft up in a quiet cove to share a great sunset, a bottle of wine, and  good stories. It doesn't get any better than that!

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No matter what your interest, I welcome your critiques of my stories...
Please dish it out so I can make them better!                 Thanks for visiting!

All proceeds from the sales of these books are donated to Joseph's People to help the unemployed and their families.  Please see: www.josephspeople.org