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Human history began fifty thousands of years ago, far from Earth. It is peopled with many races in the complex tapestry of a galactic community where people live for centuries as they travel the stars.

Many human races and other species were created by genetic engineers in the distant past. This gruesome history highlights the dangers of large scale Genetic Engineering: a warning to us as we adopt this technology.   

This Trilogy occurs during a transition to faster-than-light travel. Null-Time drives permit the inter-stellar community to travel in months what once took thousands of years, so they can rediscover their lost colonies, including Earth.

The Trilogy peeks into this universe during a four-year period after Re-Contact. Earth begins a new history as a Klaxian expedition tries to help the lost colony of Earth.
The Klaxian Alliance is central to this Trilogy. Their Logo is on documents, vessels, clothing, and jewelry, as well as on the book covers as seen here.
Diamonds appear as the fruit of the Tree of Life while Blue sapphires symbolize the Klaxian Alliance.

The Son’Skins are represented by the dagger, crowned by emeralds for Aldebaran. The dagger’s handle is entwined with rubies for the Covenants bonding the Alliance.

We explore many questions in the Trilogy. Are we stuck in our Solar System? Can Inter-stellar societies exist without faster-than-light travel? Should we create our future with genetic Engineering? What is it to be human, with many races and cultures living together? These tales touch upon such questions and answers.

Welcome aboard for adventures that confront the realities of space, inter-stellar societies, and war in space in E-book and print-on-demand formats. Thank you for visiting

Complete Project Earth: A Lost Colony Trilogy
     Book 1:  Re-Contact
     Book 2:  Ur-Palatin
     Book 3:  On-Slaught
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