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I've done all kinds of stuff, so here is more history, just in case I haven't bored you to death yet.

I pride myself on technical know-how. I design, develop, support, and teach computer hardware and software. I'm darn good at applying computer technology to user's needs.

I began in research and aerospace as Lab Tech, Associate Engineer, Programmer Analyst, and Application Engineer. I was Data Processing Manager, Systems Engineering Manager, National Account Manager, Branch Manager, and Vice President after twenty years. 

I founded and was President of three small firms. We worked on projects like: Drug Research, Management Systems, Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, Validation of Database systems,  and Project Management.

I created proprietary software for clients, and products for Dolphin Marine, USPS, NASBLA, and others.

These products sold in 31 countries as: Dolphin Virtual Helm Console, Sailing Simulator, Instructor Series, Powerboat Simulator, Miami-Enforcer and the Search Survey System. I also created the NAV-MATE software for boater training courses.

Somehow, my family tolerated 19 years of my adult life in day or night school. I earned a BS in Mathematics with Physics and Chemistry from Villanova, and eventually got a Doctorate from Penn State. I was lucky to do a thesis that was fun: "Playfulness in Adult Learning!" I basically proved that Adults learn better when they have fun learning! 

In recent years I focus on teaching, writing, and sailing with my family. I teach for Penn State, colleges, and other organizations. I teach a variety of technical and on-line courses and develop curricula and courseware. My Ethics in Technology seminars and courses are well- received in both the College and corporate environment.

I hope to continue doing what I am doing, but focusing more on books I have been working on in a variety of subjects.    Thanks for visiting!

All proceeds from the sales of these books are donated to Joseph's People to help the unemployed and their families.  Please see: www.josephspeople.org