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We are not alone: we just thought we were. In the first book of the Lost Colony Trilogy, we learn of a colony we never knew existed: Earth.

Our forefathers escaped from the tyrants of the Drls'Dn Empire and colonized Earth during the last great Ice Age: 20,000 years ago.

They gave us knowledge and genes to grow and prosper: we have. 

In the near future, a Klaxian expedition, with a sentient starship,  Re-Contacts Earth with a startling message... 'We belong to an interstellar human community we had forgotten!'

They introduce themselves as lost relatives. They warn us that a Naga'Nx armada is closing in on us from interstellar space, determined to exterminate all humans in the Galaxy. Earth is their next target, and they will attack soon.

The Klaxians offer to share technology, educate us, and help us defend ourselves, but their demand is simple; "Earth must Unite or die!"

Complete Project Earth:
A Lost Colony Trilogy 
     Book 1:  Re-Contact
     Book 2:  Ur-Palatin
     Book 3:  On-Slaught
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