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Earth is preparing for the greatest war in history. In the first book of the Trilogy, the Klaxian visitors helped Earth unite and get organized for self-defense against the Naga'Nx threat.

In this second book of the trilogy, the visitors return to the Klaxian Alliance to solicit  ships, weapons, money, and warriors. They hope  to help Earth defend itself from the onslaught of a huge Armada.

The challenge to get the needed assistance is greater than the Klaxians imagined, and Ur-Palatin K'Him is forced to put his life on the line twice to get needed commitments from the Son'Skin league. They return to their homes and finally gather the support needed..

In the process, Earth Ambassadors discover what eternal warfare does to people, planets, and societies. They return to Earth with commitments and hope, as war fever and preparations become more intense.

Stories of real people dominate as the Battle of the Asteroids begins. The horror and carnage are incredible, but the War has only begun.

The Complete Project Earth:   
A Lost Colony Trilogy

     Book 1:  Re-Contact
     Book 2:  Ur-Palatin
     Book 3:  On-Slaught
     Project Earth Companion

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