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Earth is in the throes of the greatest war in history.  In the second book of the trilogy, Klaxians, Son'Skins, and Frandolians helped Earth prepare a defense against the invaders.

As this third book of the trilogy begins, Earth's defenders in the Asteroid Ambush have taken a terrible toll on the invading Naga'Nx armada.

The Pyrrhic victory left most of our defenders dead or lost in space.  But,  the relentless enemy is still coming to exterminate all the humans on Earth.

All that stands between us and invasion is the fortresses on Mars and the Moon, and a spacefleet of inferior ships and pilots.

The defenders are hard pressed to find reasons to hope. This is a war of gargantuan proportions, with real people as big as their stories.

To be released soon....

The Complete Project Earth: A Lost Colony Trilogy
     Book 1:  Re-Contact
     Book 2:  Ur-Palatin
     Book 3:  On-Slaught
     Project Earth Companion

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