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When not writing or teaching as 'Doctor Spaulding', I am probably sailing with my family or friends on the Chesapeake Bay. For us, sailing is more than 'fun'. For example, when we married we had two small cars, a ratty apartment, and a small sailboat. When we got pregnant with our first child, we snapped into action, and bought a larger boat!

When the second child came, we got an even larger boat! Sailing is a gift from God and we sail anything from a classic sloop to a modern catamaran.

We  rebuilt an antique Atkins Packet Sloop in four years in our back yard. That experience is the subject of my non-fiction book 'Rebuilding Rose'

This is a perfect moment with Rose. A Zen Moment when wind, water, boat, and crew align perfectly.

Sailing is like a strange disease, and it may be hereditary. It passed to our grand-children, who are avid sailors.

The sweetest moments often occur at transition points. Twilight is one of those points when wondrous things happen to our hearts and souls.

No matter how good the sailing, what is important is the family and the good things we do with our energy.

We are blessed with three great children who grew to be wonderful adults, and now share eight beautiful grandchildren with us. 

Cheryl has assisted thousands of people over the last twenty years with her Joseph's People Mission. They are a volunteer group which helps the unemployed and their families. It is a blessing to help by providing physical and moral support to her heroic efforts. 

At times the picture of our wake is more rewarding then the view ahead.         Thanks for visiting!

All proceeds from the sales of these books are donated to Joseph's People to help the unemployed and their families.  Please see: www.josephspeople.org